Assignment 1 Question 5

Requirements Elicitation Strategies for "Looking Sharp"

The four requirements elicitation strategies I believe would be best suited to obtain the requirements for the "Looking Sharp" case study are:

  • Brainstorming
  • Interviewing
  • Observation
  • Discovery Prototyping


This one would work well to help flesh out the initial idea with more information and thought, it's easy to accomplish, and can be followed up with one of the other methods mentioned below.


As noted in the text, brainstorming is almost always followed up with interviewing (or observation). Interviewing would be easy enough to accomplish as "Chuck" works in the department store and could ask customers if they'd be willing to be interviewed.


Similar to the point above, since Chuck works in the department store, he's in the prime position to observe and take notes on customer behavior.

Discovery Prototyping

This one would come in at later stages and would help discover requirements that people may not have thought of when imagining the app in their heads.

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