Assignment 2 Question 1

Identify the stakeholders for the interactive shopping assistant. For each stakeholder list their name, title, role on the project (provider, reviewer, approver of requirements), influence on the project, and how they might be affected by the project.

Charles Samir

Senior Sales Associate

  • Role: Provider of requirements
  • Influence: Mr. Samir is acting as a Subject Matter Expert for the project and will provide the viewpoint of a sales associate.
  • Affected: Empowered by using the app, customers will be more likely to approach Mr. Samir and other sales associates for advice

Janice Gengras

VP of Technology

  • Role: Reviewer of requirements
  • Influence: Ms Gengras is in charge of managing the overall project and its implementation.
  • Affected: Since Ms Gengras is in charge of technology, she will need to support this project once it has been completed and is in use.

Tom Higgins

VP of Sales and Marketing

  • Role: Provider and reviewer of requirements
  • Influence: As the VP of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Higgins will influence what metrics will be collected about consumers.
  • Affected: Mr. Higgins will have more customer metrics than had this project not existed.

Dave Hester


  • Role: Reviewer and approved of requirements
  • Influence: Approved the project and provided funding.
  • Affected: It will look bad for him if this project fails or flounders.
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