Assignment 2 Question 7


  1. Were the requirements elicitation activities performed by an experienced analyst?
  2. Was a shared vision, reflecting the organization's senior stakeholders perspective of the purpose and scope of the product/application/system, developed and documented?
  3. Were the principal groups of users of the product/application/system identified?
  4. Were the principal groups of users' characteristics documented?
  5. Were representatives of these user groups identified?
  6. Were representatives of these user groups available for consultation?
  7. Were these representatives empowered to make decisions on behalf of the users they represented?
  8. Were appropriate resources allocated to requirements gathering and documentation?
  9. If the organization has an approved process for requirements elicitation, was it followed?
  10. Were the risks of poor requirements gathering identified and documented?
  11. Are the techniques used to elicit the requirements appropriate for the users?
  12. Were the reasonings behind requirements clarified by asking 'why'?
  13. Were the lessons learned from previous project post-mortems/retrospectives taken into consideration when planning requirements gathering activities?
  14. Were there opportunities to go back to users for more information?
  15. Have solution descriptions presented by users been exposed, and the underlying specific need uncovered?
  16. Were the documented requirements analyzed to ensure thorough understanding?
  17. Are users' needs clearly understood as separated from the implementation?
  18. Were all feailure modes to be handled by the system identified?
  19. Is the user who originated the requirement recorded?
  20. Are industry/business-specific terms defined in a glossary?
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