Assignment 3 Question 3

As-Is Use Case Model of Blackboard LMS


  • Instructor
  • Student

Use Cases

  1. Instructor grades assignment
  2. Student submits assignment
  3. Student views grades
  4. Instructor posts class materials
  5. Student takes quiz

UML Use Case Diagram

Use Case Diagram

"Submit Assignment" Use Case Narrative from "System As-Is" Perspective


  • Student must be logged in
  • Student has navigated to the course page
  • Assignment is open
  • Student has not submitted before or assignment allows multiple submissions
  1. The use case starts when the student clicks the "Assignment" navigational link.
  2. Student clicks name of assignment {V1, V2}
  3. Student adds completed assignment to submission {V3, V4}
  4. Student adds any comments for submission
  5. Student clicks submit


  • V1: Assignment is closed
    1. System prompts student with message saying assignment is not active
    2. Student may now navigate away from the page
  • V2: Student has submitted previously and multiple submissions not allowed
    1. System prompts student that they have already submitted for this assignment
    2. Student may now navigate away from the page
  • V3: Student submits text submission
    1. Student clicks "Write Submission"
    2. Student writes in the presented box
  • V4: Student attaches file for submission
    1. Student clicks "Browse My Computer"
    2. Student selects the correct file(s) in the pop-up window and clicks "OK"

Use Case Rankings

Use Case Importance to Users Architectural Impact Frequence of Use
Instructor Grades Assignment 13 2 13
Student Submits Assignment 13 2 13
Student Views Grades 13 5 13
Instructor Posts Materials 8 5 5
Student Takes Quiz 3 8 5
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